About Us

Dreams are dreams.  No matter how insignificant in the eyes of an outside observer, small dreams still have the power to move mountains. All that a dream needs is to be nourished with belief. We had one such dream, the dream to re-define the definition of style and fashion, to change the perception of it as something mass produced by others to make the masses look like well–dressed clones, and turn it into a form of self-expression. What we achieved was pure luxury, not limited to the elite but accessible to all.

BUB began its quest to realize this dream in Istanbul, manufacturing high quality shoes with original and aesthetic designs for men & women. These unique and dynamic designs are aimed at bringing the luxury of all big names out there to the feet of modern urban man. These are not just the flavor of the week, it is a complete lifesytle –  footwear that not only shares your daily experiences but enhances each moment by combining comfort with the appropriate look.

Life is an exciting mixtures of various different events, sights, sentiments and sensory experiences, and our specific approach to footwear makes sure you have the right design hugging your feet at the right moment. Fit your look to the time of day and the nature of your surroundings as you flaunt your style.

BUB promises you impeccable craftsmanship, with every line of shoes intricately and beautifully handcrafted to perfection. We use the finest leather and give it that human touch consisting of utmost love and care to make your shoes truly stand out.

The resulting elegance and class embodied in our line is worthy of royalty, making every step you take radiate a regal air, whether you throw on a sneaker or a casual derby shoes. But you don’t have to be blue-blooded to know hot to dress, your sense of style comes from within, and we make sure you can access the means to express it. Our take on luxury is accessible for all, and we make sure you never have to compromise on quality to get the look you deserve.

You are the most important to us, and we aim to develop an open and loyal relationship with you that requires fair pricing from the begining. We design and manufacture for more than 30 years inhouse, and assure you that – once you experience the quality we offer with the most accessible price you are going to be a BUB addicted.

We give personalized attention to all your queries, complaints and feedback, and you can contact us at info@bub.shoes and interact with us on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest anytime.